Saturday, November 21, 2015

Good News!


  As of December 2nd,
all of the needs / requests for the kids AND the women
at Amani Baby Cottage have been donated!
If you would like to make a financial donation there's a paypal link on the left.

Thank you for your generosity and willingness to make this Christmas special! 

  • Toy Donations: Sarah Colonna, Shannon Dhepyasuwan, Lindsey White, Dawn & Chad Nichols, Jennie Wjoda, Maryanna Powell, Lisa & Chadd Charles,  Justin Garrett, Cindy Brewer, Randi Bryant, Sherry Garrett
  • Gifts for the Women: Cindy Brewer, Kaylee Carman, Karen Wright, Michelle Francis, Justin Garrett, Sarah Hendricks, LA Landgraf, Celeste & David Clydesdale, Jacqueline & Jonathan Brown, Denise Ybanez, Lauren Bauer, Katie Conway, Chris Simmons
  • Financial Donations: Celeste & David Clydesdale, Jacqueline & Jonathan Brown, Hilary Neblett, Caitlin Childs, Grandma Wright, Tim & Dawn Clydesdale, Justin Maddox, Amy Manzanares, David & Rachel Kenyon, Debbie Colberg, Pete Cappa, Allison Turner, Kelly Marlow, Joan Cornett, Kevin Underwood, Mal & Pal
Thank you again and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Courtney Clydesdale

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